Installing PKT Zulu Wallet (Mac)

Paste these instructions, but change the first note: pktwallet

The PKT Zulu Wallet is an early mining wallet that only works on MacOS. However, this wallet is only compatible with Big Sur MacOS version 11. Please note, this wallet is not currently being maintained by the community, so if setting up a new wallet use the PKT.World wallet instead. If you have a PKT Zulu wallet, it is recommended to transfer your coins to another wallet as soon as possible.

Please note, if you are already using PKT Zulu wallet, then when you install the PKT.World wallet for MacOS [here], it may automatically recognize your wallet.db file on your computer.

These instructions below are still available for people that currently have this wallet installed.

It is important to keep your seed and password written down in a safe place where you will remember it.