PKT Code of Conduct:

1) We are here to talk about PKT. If it's not PKT related don't post it here.

2) Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules.

3) No OTC trading allowed outside of designated areas.

4) This is a place to build the community and create a positive dialogue amongst Pkteers. If the conversation turns negative, the moderators reserves the right to ban or block anyone. A person will not be banned for a single offense, but only if the behavior continues after being warned by a moderator.

5) Hate speech is not permitted and can result in being banned. This mean no sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language. We ask that Pkteers keep the conversation civil and respectful.

6) No violence, threats of violence or violent language directed against another person. No name calling, attacks, or bad mouthing others.

7) No posting or displaying sexually explicit or violent material.

8) No personal insults, particularly those related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability

9) No unwelcome sexual attention. This includes, sexualized comments or jokes, and unwelcomed sexual advances.

10) No self-promotion whether direct or indirect unless with written admin approval. No shilling (promoting) of assets is permitted.

12) Moderators reserve the right to moderate, block or remove posts that are factually inaccurate, deemed inappopriate or lack substantiation.

13) Spamming will result in being banned.

14) No trolling - No antagonizing people or the any of the PKT chats by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments, images, memes, stickers or other disruptive content. If it doesn't relate to PKT don't post it or you will be banned.

Contact people

If someone has made you feel unsafe or unwelcome, please contact one of the admins of the group. We will do our best to address your matter quickly and with discretion.

  • Jeremy Berger: email: / telegram: @jeremy_berger / @jeremyb
  • Caleb James DeLisle: email: / @cjd