What is PKT?

PKT is an open source, layer 1 blockchain project and decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) mesh network powered by its global community. The project supports open internet access and scaling the decentralized web. The PKT project supports the core vision that basic, censorship-resistant internet access should be globally accessible. Rather than pay centralized companies for internet access, it’s designed so basic access can be free and people can pay providers when they need fast speeds. PKT utilizes the cjdns routing protocol to enable a decentralized, censorship-resistant, high-speed data network. The PKT Network is a completely sovereign part of the internet, which is accessible via VPN. Anyone can build censorship-resistant websites in the PKT Network. These websites can use their IPv6 web URL as a PKT payment address, streamlining peer-to-peer payments in the network. There are many reasons why open internet access is important, but none are more fundamental than lowering the barrier to entry so access to information and connectivity is available to everyone. By participating in the PKT project, and holding the PKT cryptocurrency, you are helping restore the founding ethos of the internet: decentralization.

Why does PKT exist?

Connectivity is humanity’s source of vitality, information and communication. PKT stands for the belief that internet access is a human entitlement. However, lowering the barrier for internet access is not in the best interest of centralized companies, internet service providers (ISP) and governments. Why? Because these entities are motivated by money and power, and their control is diminished if global internet access is free. Additionally, many corporations and governments don’t support free unlimited internet access due to regional or political censorship ideologies or capitalist priorities. Despite the founding principle for the internet to be decentralized, today, internet access is not. It is for these reasons that PKT is designed to usher in a new paradigm of connectivity. This helps realize a new era, where the physical infrastructure of the internet is powered by the people, and accessibility is open and free.

How does PKT Expand Internet Access?

The PKT project presents an alternative approach to traditional internet service through mesh networking. First, PKT economically incentivizes individuals who have internet access to set up a PKT miner and contribute computer processing and bandwidth to secure the PKT blockchain. Similar to how Bitcoin miners earn BTC as they mine the Bitcoin, PKT miners earn PKT when they mine PKT. Since PKT mining requires bandwidth, this creates a general demand for bandwidth. Second, individuals with bandwidth can set up a cjdns node. Cjdns is the mesh networking protocol that enables the high speed data infrastructure for the PKT Network. As more people connect, this builds a decentralized, peer-to-peer network. Third, individuals can share mesh network internet access to the PKT Network. This internet access functions similar to a wifi access point. However, all connectivity is end-to-end encrypted. Wifi access point operators can choose to offer free access or paid access.

The objective of the PKT Network is to decouple the physical aspect of deploying and maintaining internet infrastructure (such as overhead and undersea cables), from the business and technical aspects of internet service such as billing, network engineering, and support. This way anyone can safely and securely become an internet provider via mesh networking, thus expanding internet access worldwide.

The fundamental value of dividing these internet service efforts is to empower everyday people to cover the cost of deploying and maintaining mesh network wifi access points. This ultimately lowers the cost of providing localized internet access and drives competition in the multi-trillion dollar annual internet industry. This can result in PKT’s mission to get the next billion people online.

How can PKT Accomplish Its Goals?

Community projects can achieve the best results when focused on use cases, utility and community participation. When inspiring community participation, three core reasons people may take action:

  • necessity
  • they believe strongly
  • they are being paid

In the mission to extend internet access and expand the decentralized web, PKT economically incentivizes individuals to participate. Additionally, many contributors truly believe in the mission to connect the unconnected. Since PKT is a fully decentralized community project, like Bitcoin, everyone in the community is part of the project team. There is no central authority or centralized infrastructure. However, there are many businesses and contributors in the PKT ecosystem who are developing the [roadmap]. This fosters the decentralized nature of the project. Visit the Ecosystem page [here] to see a (non-exhaustive) list of the major projects and contributors.

How does the PKT blockchain work?

PKT is the world’s first and only bandwidth-hard proof-of-work blockchain. Anyone with internet access can install the mining software called PacketCrypt and start mining to earn PKT Cash. Just as Bitcoin introduced the dawn of a new era of digital money, PKT is introducing a new paradigm for how people can use their internet resources to expand internet accessibility. Click here to learn more about PacketCrypt.

How can I set up a miner?

For a tutorial on how to start mining PKT and earn PKT Cash, for this guide: [Intro to PKT Mining].