How to setup a PKT Wallet

PKT is its own unique blockchain and only interacts with specific wallets that support PKT. There are several wallet choices that may be applicable based on your needs.

If you are planning on mining PKT, you will have to choose a wallet that supports mining. If you attempt to mine PKT into a wallet that does not support mining, the wallet will break and require substantial troubleshooting.

Below is a list of the various PKT wallets. Please pay attention and choose the wallet that services your needs.

PKT Electrum (Mac/PC) - PKT Electrum is not for mining. This is a good lightweight wallet for making and receiving payments. Click [here] for setup instructions.

PKT.World Wallet (Mac/PC) - PKT.World wallet is a mining wallet for MacOS and Windows. The wallet has a clean user interface. The Windows version has a built-in miner. Click [here] for setup instructions.

PKT Zulu Wallet (Mac) - PKT Zulu wallet is an early mining wallet for MacOS. This wallet is no longer community supported. It is recommended to migrate coins and mining to PKT.World wallet. Click [here] for setup instructions.

PKT CLI Wallet (Mac/PC/Linux) - The PKT CLI wallet is a powerful command line mining wallet. It has greater scalability and privacy features. Many wallet developers fork PKT CLI for their wallet development. However, this wallet requires installing pktd and has no graphical user interface. Must be proficient in the command line to use this wallet. Click here for setup instructions.