Installing a Wallet From Seed

If you already have a PKT wallet and know your seed, you may be able to import your coins into a new wallet. This will depend on the compatibility of your seed with the new wallet. The seed to your wallet is either a list of 15 words which you were instructed to write down during your initial wallet setup. If you set up your wallet in 2019 or early 2020 you may have a seed that is a long alphanumeric string of characters, instead of a list of 15 words.

What is important to know about PKT Wallets seeds is that some wallets encrypt the wallet seed using the wallet password. In these cases, you will need to know the seed and the password that was used when the wallet was initially created. It is important to keep your seed and password written down in a safe place where you will remember it.

When you are setting up any of the PKT wallets you will be asked if you want to load from seed. Then you will follow the instructions.

If you want to migrate your PKT Electrum wallet seed into the PKT CLI wallet, follow these steps [here].