Migrating from Electrum to PKTWallet

If you have an electrum based wallet which becomes overloaded from too many transactions (e.g. from mining directly into it), then you will need to migrate your keys to a pktwallet instance.

Step 1: Setup pktwallet

Follow the instructions in pktwallet to get your wallet up and running

Step 2: Export your keys

Step 3: Import key to pktwallet

Importing more keys

Speed things up

If you know exactly when an address was paid, you can speed up the import by only rescanning blocks where it might have been paid. For example if you are sure that the address was not paid earlier than block number 600000 you can do the following:

Check that it's working

It's recommended that you run pktwallet with -d debug flag in order to be able to see the debug logs. When you are resyncing you should see log lines like the following:

1609188780 [DBG] wallet.go:2817 Rescan cycle [620100]
1609188781 [DBG] wallet.go:2817 Rescan cycle [620200]
1609188782 [DBG] wallet.go:2817 Rescan cycle [620300]
1609188783 [DBG] wallet.go:2817 Rescan cycle [620400]

The number if the block number which is being scanned.